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Valiant   A semi-sweet deeply colored, full bodied red wine. Our exclusive, it has a deep, rich flavor and aroma unlike any wine produced.    $17.99 + shipping & sales tax.

Black River Red   Our Gold medal Winner. A blend of native Michigan. Beautiful burgundy color and 1% residual sugar for a semi-dry finish.    $17.99+ shipping & sales tax.

Nicolette Le Blush   Our Silver medal Winner. A brilliantly colored rose table wine for refreshing, clean taste with powerful, sweet smelling aroma. Delicious flavor that can be served chilled.     $19.99+ shipping & sales tax.

Nick's Dry Red   Delicate berry fruit aromas marry with the smooth smoky flavor of the oak barrel  fresh, not woody. A dry finish leaves the palate cleansed and the appetite enhanced, remarkable for its balance and finesse.    $16.99+ shipping & sales tax.

Ten Point   Abundant fruit flavors reminiscent of   cranberry and concord grape are carried on a full-bodied structure and linger into a long and smooth after taste.    $16.99+ shipping & sales tax.

Ambrosia   A premium red wine, served chilled or warmed before and after dinner or for entertaining, with the taste and aroma of Greek spices and cinnamon. First place at the Cheboygan County Fair.     $19.99+ shipping & sales tax.

Mighty Mac   A semi-sweet ,smooth and fruity red wine with hints of Greek spices served at room temperature. Bringing a taste of Mackinaw to your home & friends    $16.99+ shipping & sales tax.

Merlot   Our dry red table wine containing 12% alcohol by volume. Soft in taste. Best when served with meat and pasta.             $22.99+ shipping & sales tax.

Cabernet Sauvignon   Our dry red table wine rich ,dark full of fruit aroma and hints of French toasted oak. More interesting balance and complex but smooth and mellow at the same time.    $22.99+ shipping & sales tax.

White Ice Wine   Premium Dessert Wine. The winter jewel. A very Sweet wine that contains 10% residual sugar by weight. Should be served in small, narrow glasses with dessert or after dinner.     $55.99+ shipping & sales tax.

White Zinfandel   Our dry - rose table wine flavored with flowery aromas. It may be served at meals featuring fish, poultry and lamb.    $19.99+ shipping & sales tax.

Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse Riesling   Our new semi -sweet white wine. Elegant, refreshing with tropical fruits and with a crispy finish.    $21.99+ shipping & sales tax.

CHARDONNAY   Combines luscious flavors reminiscent of green apples, lemons, and pineapple and has a long, refreshing finish.. Great with seafood and poultry. Serve slightly chilled.    $21.99+ shipping & sales tax.

  Our semi- sweet wine. Reveals floral aromas of orange blossom, tangerine & ripe apricots. It may be served with soft cheese -crackers, dry fruits & nuts.    $21.99+ shipping & sales tax.


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